Feeding People and Serving Jesus!

The idea is simple - we take the little we have, faithfully give it to Jesus, and watch him do the work. Five Loaves is a community food initiative based in Daystar church that seeks to provide comforting, free, healthy meals to low income seniors and other people in need.

We Need Your Help!

Five Loaves is a volunteer initiative - cooking and packaging meals, and creating loving notes and packages for the meal recipients. We'd love to have you alongside us as we act as the hands of Jesus in our community. Sign up below to get involved!

Here's How You Can Help:

Think about someone in your life who is elderly, isolated or in need. Sign up below to receive a single serving meal (or two) for distribution, then bring it to them! We will contact you with information on how to get the meal. Register below with your information, as well as the name of the person you plan on blessing, so we can avoid duplicates.

If there is a larger family or you require multiple meals, please contact us at

If you wish to volunteer for our kitchen cleanup on Sunday 28 November right after church [food provided] and/or food preparation Saturday 4 December 9 am, please email: fiveloaves@daystarchurch.ca