Take the challenge!

Jesus said that the Word of God is like spiritual “bread” – it sustains us, feeds us, and creates a living, active faith in us.  Daystar is issuing a Bible reading challenge for 2021.  Starting January 1st, we encourage you to get in a consistent habit of reading your Bible every day.


Did you know that it only takes an average of 3 chapters/day to get through the entire Bible in one year? That takes about 20min or less each day which is less than half the time the average person spends on social media! To help with this, we’ve included two different reading guides. One goes straight through the Bible, book by book. The other jumps around a bit and gives you some variety to your daily readings. So pick a plan that works for you and get the Word of God in your life!

Reading Guide: Straight Through the Bible in a Year

(appx 20min/day)

Straight Through Guide

Reading Guide: Bible in a Year – Variety

(appx 20min/day)

Variety Guide

source: www.discipleshipjournal.com