Pastor Ed Allan

Lead Pastor

Pastor Ed Allan is the lead pastor of Daystar Church. He is the primary preaching and teaching pastor equipping members of the local Church and the pastoral voice navigating the leadership team of Daystar. Pastor Ed’s desire is to lead Christians into a healthy Christ-centered lifestyle, discover their unique destiny and release them into effective ministry functions that serve the local church, bless the community and change the world one person or family at a time.

Pastor Nialle & Vanessa Travnik

Worship and Creative Arts Pastor

Jerome and Reanna

Pastor Jerome & Reanna Caouette

Family Life Pastor

Steve and Sharla

Pastor Sharla & Steve Keim

Children's Pastor

Ron and Grace

Ron & Grace Fink


Helgardt and Sanet

Helgardt & Sanet Dippenaar


Daystar has a great team and a huge variety of ministries and programs!


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